That’s All Folks (for 2016)

100 Days of Writing: Day 100 So here it is. Merry Christmas. (Everybody's having fun...etc). 100 Days of Writing: Done. Since Tuesday 13 September, when I decided to throw down this gauntlet of epically small proportions (in truth it was more the careful placing of a cashmere wrist warmer) at my own feet, this is … Continue reading That’s All Folks (for 2016)


One day to go…

100 Days of Writing: Day 99 OK so I haven't exactly climbed K2 or been locked in a box underground for 100 days with only an oxygen tank for company, but it has been a challenge all the same. One that, back in September, seemed perfectly achievable, too easy almost. After all, it's not like I … Continue reading One day to go…

Revision Time

100 Days of Writing, Day 86 When does writing not feel like writing?  When it's editing, apparently.  It's essential, definitely not easy, requires a skill set all of its own and is as challenging, if not more so, than writing that first draft.  So I'm not dismissing the importance of the process when I say that including editing … Continue reading Revision Time