That’s All Folks (for 2016)

100 Days of Writing: Day 100

So here it is. Merry Christmas. (Everybody’s having fun…etc). 100 Days of Writing: Done. Since Tuesday 13 September, when I decided to throw down this gauntlet of epically small proportions (in truth it was more the careful placing of a cashmere wrist warmer) at my own feet, this is what I’ve achieved:

Written a short story and submitted to Galley Beggar Press’ annual Short Story Prize.  Longlist to be announced on 6 January.  At the time I was quite pleased with this but since then have read it with fresh eyes and, well, let’s just say I’m not holding my breath.  But that matters not one jot.  The point is I stepped outside my comfort zone, did it and importantly, NOBODY ELSE NEEDS TO READ IT.

New Year Resolution for 2017 #4,762: become better at writing short stories.

Completed the first draft of my second novel. This was my main goal and reason for setting the 100 day challenge in the first place. So I’m not even going to pretend I’m not still doing cartwheels with delight over having done it.  I’m pretty sure it’s a terrible draft but, as any great writer will tell you, that’s why the second draft was invented. And the third. And the fourth….

Begun the editing process (again) for my first novel. You know that second, third and fourth draft I was just talking about? Well that’s where I am right now. Perfection takes time. And lots of it. So far it’s going well and by Spring 2017 it should be ready for submission to agents and independent publishers. Watch this space.

The 100 Days may be complete but my journey as a writer continues.  I’m so grateful for the support and encouragement of people that take the time to read these posts so THANK YOU, I hope you’ll stick with me next year when I’ll be back with even more random ramblings.

Have a very happy and peaceful Christmas and New Year.  See you in 2017.

Much love, Ann xxx



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