100 Days of Writing: Day 79

NaNoWriMo: Completed, final word count 50k+

So National Novel Writing Month has come to an end and I’m bloody made up to join the however many hundreds of thousands of writers around the world who DID IT. I finished the first draft of book two. As anticipated, it’s not brilliant, it’s not even good. It’s holier than the Dalai Lama but it starts, it carries on and it ends. Its a complete start-to-finish-with-plenty-of-shit-going-down-in-the-middle draft. Get in the bag, you beauty, as no-one has said since 1987.

Congratulations to everyone else who took part. Well done to all of us.

For now, I need a rest from book 2.  Experienced writers will tell you it’s a good idea to take a break between drafts, so that when you return with your editing head on you’re fresh to it.  Fortunately, my 100 Days of Writing challenge goes on and with only 21 days left, there’s lots to do.

The next job is a complete re-edit of book one.  It’s undergone an in-depth critique by an excellent mentor from The Writers’ Workshop, Debi Alper.  If you’re struggling with a piece of work that you’re so close to you can’t see wood for trees, I can highly recommend this.  Depending on your budget, they’ll look at anything from the first few chapters to the entire manuscript.

I met Debi for a one-to-one book doctor session at the organisation’s Get Published Day in March (also highly recommended for first time authors) where she gave me feedback on the first 5,000 words plus my synopsis and query letter.  The session was so helpful and her comments so useful that I decided to go the distance and send her the whole MS.

I’m so pleased I did.  Her report is extremely detailed and constructive, with comments, advice and helpful suggestions, some general, some specific, on all aspects of the manuscript.  It’s given me renewed focus and I feel like I have direction now, rather than floundering out there in scary editing land.

Anyone else out there editing and fancy sharing some tips? If so, please use the comment box thingy below my WINNER’S CERTIFICATE. Thanks for reading x






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