Spaghetti head

100 Days of Writing: Day 72

NaNoWriMo: Day 23, word count: 37,686

With just over a week to go until the end of National Novel Writing Month, I’m feeling both anxious and relieved.  To officially ‘win’ means beating the 50,000 word count. This is doable. It’s not the word count that’s bothering me, it’s getting to the end. Putting that full stop after the last line, sitting back and hollering “FIIINIIISHED!” like a proud potty-trained toddler.  Trouble is, my head is a mess and I’m flagging. Really flagging.

I’ve reached that crucial stage in the book where all the loose ends need to be tied, the final battle needs to be fought and won and all the characters, good and bad, get their just desserts. Or not. No spoilers.

At the moment, the task ahead feels akin to untangling a hairball.  Bits and pieces of plot, narrative and structure are all sticking out at random and I need some kind of special wide-toothed word comb to gently tease it all apart and smooth it all out before tying the whole thing up with a lovely neat bow.

I’m guessing the other half million or so of you who are also undertaking this challenge are feeling similar. Please say you are. Please say it’s not just me.

There are eight days to go.  Let’s use them.  So without further book-avoiding blog-posting ado, I need to crack on.  And so do you.

Good luck everyone, keep going.  And please share any comments or writing tips below.




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