Welcome to the minority

100 Days of Writing: Day 58, but whatever

NaNoWriWo: Day 9, 22,713 words so far, like it even matters

Beginning of the end of world: Day 1  (or Day 139 if you’re counting Brexit,which frankly seems a bit petty and trifling now.) 

OK, so today it’s fair to say we’re all a bit distracted. Book, NaNoWriMo, whatever. What’s going on in the rest of the world is beyond insane.  God, I dunno.  Erm, America, we’re sorry?  What is there to say? What can anyone do?  The answer, sadly, is not. a. thing. Except to offer condolences and to say that we get it. At least, some of us do. Some. Not all. Not even most. And that’s perhaps the most frightening revelation to emerge from 2016’s stagnant cesspool of events.

In the early hours of 24 June, for almost half the British population, the world became a terrifying place.  Those of us that spent that day in a daze, eyeing up friends, family members and complete strangers with suspicion, wondering which of them got us into this mess, feeling sick at the thought of loved ones being those people, know exactly how a vast number of Americans are feeling right now.

And there’s the rub: a vast number. Many. Again, not ‘most’. Certainly not ‘the majority’. Over here, the infamous 48%, we have our own Facebook page.  And this is the terrible, sad, sad truth that we have to accept.

We are in the minority.

There are more people in our so-called civilised Western world, the one that our parents and grand-parents and great-grandparents fought for, that agree with bigoted, misogynistic, racist and intolerant people like Donald Trump than don’t.

Who can explain this?  And what are we supposed to tell our kids?  What explanation do we give when they discover that those who believe in fairness, tolerance, bringing people together, peace not war make up the few, not the majority?

Ideas on a postcard, please. Or in the comments box below.

As tough as it is, America – as we did, as does the rest of the world – has no choice but to accept what’s happened, deal with it and move on.  None of us knows what will happen. In the meantime be kind to one another, do what you’re good at, do what you love and with whom you love. If that means something as trivial as making up stories in your head and writing them down for the entertainment of others, so be it.



7 thoughts on “Welcome to the minority

  1. all I vaguely remember about current affairs from my childhood was a bit about Maggie and the miners – mainly the vitriol, certainly not the politics behind it. On 2 mornings in the past 6 months, my 11 year old has woken up itching to hear the results of a vote (that went terribly wrong) and then tellswme he worries we’re going to war. “Are we going to die, Mum?” is not something I want in his head, the most he should have to worry about is algebra. Oh it’s been a funny old year to be sure…

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