And we’re off…

100 Days of Writing: Day 50

NaNoWriMo: Day 1

It’s the halfway point of the 100 Day Writing Challenge and day 1 of National Novel Writing Month – what are the chances? You’d think I’d done it deliberately. But it’s just one of those beautiful, satisfying life coincidences. Either way, it’s terribly exciting. I was up an hour earlier this morning, buzzing, desperate to get on and before the children were awake I’d cranked out 1,300 words.  Boom.

Yesterday, however, was a different story. I was on a bit of a downer tbh, triggered by an article I’d submitted to an online magazine that was rejected. It was off the cuff, late notice and I would have been unusually lucky to have been shoe-horned in, especially as an unknown. Even so, when the very polite ‘thanks, but no thanks’ came through, it was still a gut-punch.  No matter how much you prepare and expect and KNOW the answer will be no, fighting that human instinct to be disappointed is as futile as genuinely shrugging it off and not caring.

The contrast between yesterday and today reminded me that even though NaNoWriMo is only thirty days, there’ll be good days and bad and all of us who have taken on this challenge have to be prepared to battle on, despite outside forces.  The good news is, we’re all in this together, all half million of us, and we’ve got this.  So let’s help each other.

Use the forums on the NaNo website, call on your buddies for support (I’m UnstrungHarpie if you want to come and find me) and, if you have a shitty day, keep going anyway.  I’ll be updating this blog as and when I can and will try and add a few tips so please stop by and check in.

Today’s tip: Know What You’re Going To Write Before You Begin

The night before, make a few notes on what you plan to write in your next session.  Visualise the scene (or scenes) in your head and jot down all the key points.  This will save you a lot of time when you start your session.  The next day all you’ll need to do is remind yourself and away you go.

It’s not a new technique by any means, countless books about writing include something similar in their advice.  But there’s a good reason for this: it works.  If you don’t already, I’d recommend you give it a shot.

Please feel free to share any tips you have, I’d love to hear what works for you.

Good luck.



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