The Power of (doing it) Now

100 Days of Writing – Day 14

It’s been six days since my last blog post. SIX! I know. But it wasn’t through choice (seriously, I miss you guys!). The 100 Day Writing Challenge continues because rather than in spite of this necessary hiatus. A friend warned me that I might end up using the blog as a Book Avoidance Tactic and at the time I pooh-poohed the very idea. Turns out he was spot on.  A blog is a great release; chatty, relaxed, no pressure.  So much easier than trying to write a giant long book or a crafting a story to impress some of the country’s leading literary minds.  So when I found I was cutting productive writing time back in order to get over here and report my efforts, it was time to take action. Or not.

Which brings me to the subject of procrastination: the curse of the writer, the lone worker and indeed anyone who wants to achieve anything, ever.  Making writing a daily habit helps to a degree but it gets us all at one time or another.  For me it was Day 10, about 45 minutes in.

One minute I’m in full flow, the next, words are petering out, concentration starts slipping and wha…

Sorry. It’s gone again.

Once you’ve caved, it’s a long way from the bottom of Slippy Hill with all the Facebooks, Twitters and Look-30-Years-Younger-By-Smelling-This-Cheeses to Focusland, right up there on the summit, an unreachable dot.

Sometimes it’s better to admit defeat and give yourself a proper break. Have a cup of tea, check out the ads for those slippers that will revolutionise the way you view slippers FOREVER and stare into the fridge hoping that some new and inspiring delicious new foodstuff with zero calories but maximum taste will up and smack you in the chops, whatever.  Then go back to what you were supposed to be doing later.

As expected, there are thousands of articles, blogs and websites dedicated to helping people overcome/avoid procrastination. I know. The irony. Didn’t stop me checking some of them out though and they are FASCINATING! Which makes it even worse! Surely, make it so boring that by comparison the task in hand seems like a trip to Disneyland.

If you’re in that boat – maybe you’re procrastinating by reading this blog and if so, welcome – then here are a few items to keep you from productivity just a while longer:

6 Reasons to embrace procrastination

10 Foolproof tips for overcoming procrastination

One for fans of existentialisms and mythology




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