Part of the process

100 Days of Writing – Day 7

Oh dear, today is one of THOSE days. One week into the 100 Day Challenge and I’m having a day of Self-Doubt.  I very nearly didn’t record it on this blog for fear of everyone switching off. Like, who wants to hear someone whining on? Especially when they haven’t even got a proper job. But then I remembered my resolution to NGAF and thought, you know what? This is what happens. It happens to everyone at some point, whatever line of work they’re in, whatever they’re trying to achieve. It’s part of being human. It’s part of the process. So let’s address it *smiley face*.


In my experience, self-doubt is not the same as self-pity.  Someone else might feel completely different, I’m not an expert.  It’s not that I feel sorry for myself, it’s more that I feel sorry for everyone else for subjecting them to all this pointless drivel.  It’s about questioning what I’m doing with emphasis on the negative, rather than the positive.  Like, why did I start this challenge? Will I finish it? Am I really going to write 100 blog posts as well as actual novels/short stories/IMPORTANT STUFF that I’m meant to be doing? Do people really care? What if it’s shit?

The upside is that I’m a glass-half-full kinda gal so it tends not to last long.  And you could argue that a healthy dose of self-doubt offers a reasonable form of ongoing assessment and evaluation.  In any case, I can answer all of those questions: 1. Because I needed a kick up the backside; 2. Almost certainly; 3. That depends, if I start to receive hate mail from people so sick of seeing my face on their timeline I might reconsider; 4. Unlikely, and 5. It could well be, and?






4 thoughts on “Part of the process

  1. Part of the process of writing each day is to find out your difficulties and fears. Not easy if you’ve given yourself a goal of being public for 100 days – I had my blog online, and then private, and then online again – I finally figured that if I wasn’t going to make it public, I wasn’t going to get anywhere – part of writing, for me finding out what you feel you can write, and what you feel that you can’t.

    1. I agree Joan, I kept my blog secret for over a year so I know where you’re coming from. The challenge for me is to write productively for 100 days on my book, not necessarily to record it on the blog every single day. However, at the moment, I find it helpful to sign off each day with a blog post. I don’t expect everyone to read every post, but I’m grateful that people like you are reading it at all. So thank you, it means a lot!

  2. Hey, thanks for your comment on my comment! Found it in my email account – and there was one from Chuck Wendig, also – I haven’t got around to sorting out links and things yet, and ‘who I follow’ and all that. Part of the deal for me is to take as much time as i like over this blog thing – but it must have been fate or something. Hop over to his site – terrible minds – can’t miss him if you google it – and read his post – ‘Here’s how to Finish that Fucking Book, You Monster’. I find this guy so inspiring.

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