Back to Life, Back to Reality

100 Days of Writing – Day 4

The important thing about this challenge is that every day I make some progress.  It doesn’t have to be much but I do have to achieve something. Today I did that but not as much as I had hoped. This is going to happen and I have to accept it. Sometimes life gets in the way and there’s not much you can do about it.

Fridays are great.  This is when I do the Big Shop and meet Dad/Sister/Friends for coffee, you know, the essential stuff.  Also, Mr H comes home after working away all week which usually means (a) nice family dinner and (b) wine.  Finding time to write isn’t difficult but fitting it in usually requires a bit of jiggery pokery.  Today I scheduled two time slots: 1. one hour between Big Shop and coffee and 2. one hour between coffee and return of kids.

The first hour got off to a promising start but quickly went to pot due to phonecalls from electrician, garage (don’t get me started on the flat tyre I had the other day that cost me FOUR NEW TYRES), bank and vet.  Speaking to the vet reminded me I still hadn’t walked the dogs so reluctantly I ran them round the block.  Before long my time was up.  Not to worry, I reasoned, I still have the afternoon.

Impressed by my own punctuality, I was at my desk and ready to go a minute before the allocated slot.  Unfortunately my brain was somewhat less prompt which meant the next hour went something like this: Read yesterday’s effort, hmm not bad. Stare at screen; hmm. Kettle on. Stare at screen. Hover cursor over Twitter icon – No! Call yourself a writer? Write. Bloody Idiot. Re-read yesterday’s section. Fine. Good. Stare at screen. Make coffee. Stare at screen from afar. Sit down. Stare at screen close up. *Ping!* Try with every cell in body to ignore that email notification. Look at clock. Shit, kids will be home soon.  Come ON!  Pull hair at roots. Stare. At. Screen. Where. Have. The. Words. Gone…

Repeat.  Then suddenly…

Got it!

Type frantically. Yes! This is IT, we’re there, in full flow. This is happening, I’m unstoppable and I have to keep going otherwise I’ll forget what’s in my brain…oh no, no no no!

*Dogs go nuts, back door swings wide open, gust of wind, bags and shoes clatter across floor, noise, chaos, shouting.*

“What’s for tea?!?!”

Smile weakly while all the lovely, clever, ordered ideas in brain fade away to dust. Aware that probably have wild hair and mad look in eye.

In hoarse whisper: “Pizza?”

Wine please.



To read why the 100 Days of Writing Challenge began, read this post


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