100 Days of writing – Day 3

So far, so productive.  Have rewritten the umpteenth rewrite of the opener for Book Two. Much better. Am much happier with it.  I’d been struggling with the main character for some time but couldn’t figure out why, then today it hit me.  I’d been writing about a boy but in fact she’s meant to be a GIRL.  *Slaps head*.  As soon as that dawned on me, all her thoughts came flooding out and bang, the opening section was done.

Today, on top of the writing malarky, I’ve decided to put into practice The Art of Not Giving A Fuck.  Mr H, who is particularly skilled in this area, suggested that for my own sanity (and probably his to a degree) I might like to read this excellent article written by a guy called Mark Manson, a straight-talking, not-your-usual personal development coach who urges people to take him, and themselves, much less seriously.

I won’t go into detail as the article speaks for itself (as does the title) but to summarise, the Art of NGAF is not about not caring.  Quite the opposite.  It’s about keeping your precious fucks close to your chest, so to speak, and reserving them for only the most deserving of causes.  Put into practice it’s a most liberating form of self-preservation.  For some people it’s a breeze.  I’m not one of those people.  Despite trying to convince myself otherwise, I care far too much what other people think, pay too much attention to negative comments – I seek them out, in fact – and I worry for far too long after events whether or not I might have said the wrong thing/given the wrong impression/upset someone.  Most of which I can see is a massive waste of time and energy.

(The urge to quickly apologise to anyone I might have upset or offended in any way before I get this underway is almost overwhelming so I’ll move on before that happens but you know who you are *wink, wink, apologetic smiley face etc*)

Without the unnecessary and limiting burden of giving a fuck hanging over me like a giant cloud, it’ll be interesting to see if or how my writing changes, whether it’s subject matter, style, content, tone or vocabulary.  Whatever. As long as it’s superb and people want to read it, I don’t give a fuck.

Everybody just wants to be liked and accepted. Except for Tim. Tim doesn't give a fuck.

Image used on Mark Manson’s website but I’ve seen it before on Twitter so is there a Copyright issue? Not a clue. Imagine if I get into trouble! #rebel

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