100 Days of Writing – Day 2

It might not seem like much but it’s a big deal HONEST!

To a lot of people, 100 consecutive days of writing won’t seem like a challenge at all. Plenty of writers already do this.  Some write every single day of the year and have done for decades, regardless of others, health or occasion.  Well good for them.  That’s great.  I admire their determination, commitment, staying power and selfishness.  I mean that sincerely.  I’m sure it’s as difficult to put words on a page for them as it is for any other writer so I’m not suggesting because they put in more hours it’s any easier to write.  Having said that, practice does help and the more I write the easier I find it.

It comes down to priorities.  And mine are all over the shop.  This is what I have to work on.  Those people who write every day do so because they make it a priority.  I know someone who sits at his desk from 9am until 1pm every day just to write. Sometimes the pages just flow, other times he might agonise over one sentence.  The point is he’s made the commitment to put writing up there as an essential part of his working day.

In my case, until now, it’s been right down at the bottom of my pile.  Like only when I’ve done absolutely everything, EVERYTHING that needs to be done, have I earned the right to sit at the screen and create.  But as anyone with children and dogs will know, everything is never done.  The washing basket never empty, the bellies never fully full and by the time they are the dogs need walking.  Even when you think you’re one step ahead and have done all the stuff, by the time you’ve finished you’re knackered. Well, I am anyway.  I’m just not one of those superhumans I wish I was.

Whatever, none of the jobs, the chores, the daily STUFF is going away but more importantly my books and ideas are not going to write themselves.  So the biggest part of this challenge for me is to place writing further up the food chain.  It’s more important than putting on that wash. The dogs can run around in the garden.  We’ll have a take away. They don’t love my cooking that much anyway…


On another note – and I’m still undecided about this – should writing this blog count as ‘writing’ in terms of the 100 day challenge? I don’t think so. It’s supposed to just be a record of the process. But hey, it’s a start.

Note to self: set criteria for 100 Days of Writing.


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