My blog entries are so few and far between that sometimes I wonder if it’s worth having the link to it from my Twitter page (on which, incidentally, I am particularly active. It’s not surprising: 140 characters is pretty easy to adhere to and comments are written, read and forgotten in seconds during Twitter rush hours.)  But the way I look at it, even if my contributions are sparse, for me it’s a way of confronting my chronic fear of exposure.  I doubt anyone who has visited my Twitter page has ever clicked on the link to here and I certainly don’t promote it.  But I’ve made the choice to become a writer.  Not the sort of writer who just writes to express themselves and get thoughts down and clear out the mess in their head (although I do an awful lot of that, which doesn’t make me unusual).  Not just that.  I’ve made a career choice.  This is what I want to do, to write, to be published and with that comes the obligation to expose work and make it open to criticism.


Of course. *slaps head*

It’s not the thought of exposing my work that breaks me out in a cold sweat at all. It’s criticism.

I’ve had twelve rejections for heaven’s sake, what the hell am I so afraid of?

You know, I was about to read back through this and check I’m happy with it before hitting ‘publish’.  Sod that. So enjoy this. Or don’t. I’m just grateful you’re reading it.



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