The glass is half full, I’m telling you…

I’ve reached a critical point in my writing career (yes, I’m calling it that now).  It might even be described as a tipping point.  So, I’ve received a few rejections since I started submitting back in October.  Eight, if you’re counting. Which I obviously am.  But this latest one has actually put a bit of a spring in my step. Hard to believe but it’s true.  There’s no doubt it was definitely a no.  An absolute, categorical N O. But, BUT – and here’s the brilliant thing – it wasn’t a standard letter. *dramatic pause*

Oh no. It was a personal email that included some words of encouragement. *pause again*

I know!

Obviously where probability is concerned, each submission has exactly the same chance of success as the next, as opposed to increased probability with each subsequent one.  But it just feels like I’m getting a step closer each time.  And whether the laws of probability apply or not, I’m going to keep on telling myself this is the case. Onwards…


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