A Mini Epiphany

Yesterday at JFK airport, I was queuing for hot drinks at the Peets Coffee House kiosk and was thinking to myself how brilliant it was that I was queuing for hot drinks at Peets Coffee House at JFK airport, when I heard two women behind me. One was pissed off about pretty much everything and was going fifty to the dozen about what a bad mood she was in and the other was punctuating with ‘yeah’, ‘uhuh’ and ‘right’ whenever the first one took a breath, which wasn’t often.  It sounded like a scene from a movie and made my NY queuing experience even more enjoyable, if that was possible.

Then it was my turn and as I ordered my decaf almond milk latte I pictured the grouchy one raising one already furious eyebrow, saying “Jeez, what da f**k is wrawng wit her? Why can’t people drink a nawmal cawffee anymaw, huh?” (I know, good accent right? I bin practicin’).

Then it hit me.  I am annoying.  I even annoy myself. Why can’t I just drink a normal coffee? My poor family, I thought, have to deal with this shit all the time and I don’t give them nearly enough credit for it because I’m too busy getting annoyed by their irritating little foibles.

And this is why we need holidays.  Holidays give us time and space to learn about ourselves and the people we’re with.  I’ve learned this: My family are the most annoying people I could never live without; I’m annoying too (which I think is a fair trade) and I’m ok with that.

I think I might be turning American…


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