We came on holiday. Unusual circumstances have allowed us to take a longer trip than normal, which may or may not prove to be a good thing. So far (day 3 of 28) it’s good. Better than good. In fact, we feel like competition winners. (By the way burglers, don’t bother, we have someone house sitting pretty much the whole time, plus my family are checking the place on the days it’s empty, plus there’s a seven foot plumber working there some of the time, plus we have an excellent neighbourhood watch coordinator, plus the farmer up the road who likes us a lot almost certainly has a gun*).

Packing for such a long trip during which we’ll be moving from hotel to hotel, to tent(!) to hotel to apartment, to hotel to hotel, was a challenge.  Then I realised the only thing that really matters is not how many or which clothes, shoes, accessories, beachwear or toiletries you take (excluding my make up, obvs).  What will absolutely guarantee the success of the holiday is a healthy supply of chargers and adapters. And power banks! Power banks are ace.  And by healthy supply, I mean loads.  At least one per person. If that sounds shallow and slightly depressing, just remember, it isn’t.

How else are we supposed to get through the bloody holiday of a lifetime?

*I have no proof of this.


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