Holiday Reading

I inadvertently chose the perfect book to read while in New York. Yes Please! By Amy Poehler is so wonderful I could shout it from the top of the Chrysler Building.

In amongst all the NY references, Yes Please! is a guide to life with hilarious anecdotes about all your favourite US comedians thrown in.   She’s one smart cookie (that could sound patronising and it’s really not meant to – seriously, I am the last person qualified to condescend to someone so brilliant and and clever) and on top of that she seems very lovely but she’s no pushover. This book makes you laugh, nearly* makes you cry and – my absolute favourite part so far, although haven’t quite finished it yet** – it contains rock solid proof that John Hamm is officially as sexy, cool and funny as you hoped he’d be.  Yes please and thank you*** Ms P.

*forget nearly, I just read the chapter on Haiti.

**update: I finished it at the airport, twenty minutes before we left New York. Timely or what?

***SPOILER ALERT (don’t scroll down if you don’t want to know the very last line in the book):

This freaked me out a bit:

Hand on my heart, I swear I wrote the end line of this blog post before I read the last line of the book. 


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