The waiting game.

“Everything you want is on the other side of fear”

I don’t normally go in for motivational stuff and have to admit I really don’t know much about Jack Canfield* at all, except that he wrote Chicken Soup for the Soul, which I haven’t read.  So far, not so good, please bear with me. But today this quote of his makes sense.  Because today I felt the fear and did it anyway (*ditto Susan Jeffers).  I’m kind of celebrating but with a healthy sense of tension and dread.  In the grand scheme of things it’s no biggie and some might make mountain/molehill comparisons but here it is:

I put myself out there, as it were.  I took a small chunk of the all-consuming thing that has occupied my thoughts, and at times, my life, for the past two years and sent it to someone who has no emotional attachment to it whatsoever.  If I’m lucky, I might discover in six, eight, maybe twelve weeks, what that person thinks of the thing.  But there’s an equally high chance that I might not.  Until then the only thing to do is wait.

Back to editing it is then.



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