We’ve MOVED!

Out with the old and in with the new.  With the new year approaching, I felt it was time for a change (and an upgrade). For all things bookish and writerly and in a newer, more whizzy-bang format (that I am still trying to navigate) head over to my new blog comma, Thanks for your … Continue reading We’ve MOVED!


Writer’s Block or Lazy Arse?

As far as my own productive writing goes, the results so far this year have not exactly matched my original intentions.  In fact, they've not even come close. They've been - I'm going to say it - ahem, disappointing.  (Noooo! Not disappointing. Anything but disappointing *exasperated face emoji*). By now Book 1 should have been edited … Continue reading Writer’s Block or Lazy Arse?

Tips for new writers

This weekend I attended the Writers' Workshop Getting Published Day, an annual event that invites two hundred or so social-phobic, awkward writer-types* to emerge from their word caves, mingle with a bunch of wise and sympathetic industry folk, fill their brains with invaluable information and return to the safety of their mini scribedoms, enlightened and with renewed energy and focus. This was my … Continue reading Tips for new writers